Aspiring to enhance the sustainability of seafood produced and consumed in Japan

The IUU Forum Japan has been providing various recommendations related to fisheries policy in Japan in order to contribute to the sustainable development of Japanese fisheries. Mainly focusing on Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing, which is a grave global concern, we are engaged in a wide range of activities and initiatives to raise awareness and deepen understanding about IUU fishing. We are emphasizing that IUU fishing is a serious threat to sustainable fishery resource management and exposes legitimate fishery operators to unfair competition, and urgent countermeasures are required to address these issues.
Launched in collaboration with relevant NGOs and companies in and outside Japan, the IUU Forum Japan has been providing constructive and forward-looking policy recommendations to combat IUU fishing, putting ourselves in the shoes of each stakeholder. We are also active in extensively providing various information and input as well as PR activities such as conducting seminars for members of the press with a view to deepening knowledge about issues on IUU fishing among the general public.

14. Jun 2024 |
Joint Statement Announced with EU and US NGO Coalitions on the International Day for the Fight Against IUU Fishing
04. Oct 2023 |
Update on the trade flow of Russian crab and IUU risks after the bilateral agreement between Japan and Russia
29. Jul 2023 |
Digest: Fisheries Management Through the Use of Electronic Monitoring: Trends in International Standards, Current Global Situation, the Potential and Challenges

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EU の強制労働製品の輸入販売禁止 ―規則の効果的な執行を確保するには―を公開しました。ぜひご一読ください。 iuuwatch.jp/library/briefing-eu-forced-labour-products-ban-september-2022_j_lib ... See MoreSee Less
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「電子的モニタリング(EM)を活用した漁業管理 ―国際基準の動向、導入状況、技術の可能性と課題について―」アーカイブを公開しました ... See MoreSee Less
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IUU Forum Japan ... See MoreSee Less
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