Aspiring to enhance the sustainability of seafood produced and consumed in Japan

The Anti-IUU Forum Japan has been providing various recommendations related to fisheries policy in Japan in order to contribute to the sustainable development of Japanese fisheries. Mainly focusing on Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing, which is a grave global concern, we are engaged in a wide range of activities and initiatives to raise awareness and deepen understanding about IUU fishing. We are emphasizing that IUU fishing is a serious threat to sustainable fishery resource management and exposes legitimate fishery operators to unfair competition, and urgent countermeasures are required to address these issues.
Launched in collaboration with relevant NGOs and companies in and outside Japan, the Anti-IUU Forum Japan has been providing constructive and forward-looking policy recommendations to combat IUU fishing, putting ourselves in the shoes of each stakeholder. We are also active in extensively providing various information and input as well as PR activities such as conducting seminars for members of the press with a view to deepening knowledge about issues on IUU fishing among the general public.

24. May 2022 |
Joint Statement on Further Improvement of Domestic Trade of Specific Marine Animals and Plants Act in Japan
15. Apr 2021 |
International platform for fisheries welcomes Japan’s IUU fishery regulations
16. Mar 2021 |
Joint statement by international and East Asian NGOs Welcoming Japan’s Anti-IUU fishery Law

1 years ago

4月14日、世界の水産トップ企業など100社が所属する複数の国際プラットフォーム(SeaBOS、Global Tuna Alliance、International Sustainable Seafood Foundation)から、2020年末にIUU(違法・無報告・無規制)漁業の撲滅などを目的に、日本で採択された「特定水産動植物等の国内流通の適正化等に関する法律」の制定を歓迎する共同声明が発行されました。IUU漁業は、持続可能な水産資源管理への脅威として、正規の漁業者を不公平な競争にさらしています。欧米に続く世界第三の水産物輸入市場である日本では、輸入水産物の約3分の1にIUU漁業に関与するリスクがあるとされています。この共同声明は、EU、アメリカに続き日本でもIUU漁業対策の法律が整備されることに対する、国際水産業界からの大きな関心と期待の現れです。これらの国際プラットフォームには日本に本社を構えるグローバル水産企業も複数加盟しており、IUU漁業対策が日本の水産業の成長産業化に欠かせない動きであることが改めて浮き彫りになっています。Joint Statement: Global seafood coalition applauds Japanese government on actions to eliminate IUU fishing; calls for further collaboration between industry and governments. (英語原文)共同声明「世界の水産団体が日本政府のIUU(違法・無報告・無規制)漁業撲滅活動を称賛 業界と政府のさらなる協働を求めます」(日本語訳) ... See MoreSee Less
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