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Participated in TSSS 2020 as Speakers (Session Videos Available)

The Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Symposium 2020 (TSSS2020) was held online from November 4th through 6th and on 9th through 11th, for 6 days in total, delivering the latest cases and various initiatives in and outside Japan related to sustainable seafood. This year, a total of 108 speakers from Japan and abroad joined the event.

Some member organizations of the Anti-IUU Forum Japan also spoke about various IUU-related topics amid mounting concern over the further spread of IUU (Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated) fishing under the COVID-19 pandemic. The topics included activities and initiatives implemented against IUU fisheries in Japan and around the world, the current state of traceability, and future challenges.

In addition, the Fisheries Agency of Japan explained the amended Fisheries Act that took effect on December 1st as well as the “Domestic Trade of Specific Marine Animals and Plants Act” that passed the Diet on December 4th, extensively informing the audience that the Japanese fisheries system will take a big stride in terms of legislation and frameworks.

The archived videos of TSSS2020 sessions are available on demand for one year. Please visit the following links for details.

◇TSSS2020 Official Website:

◇Speaker Profiles:

◇TSSS2020 Program:

◇Panel Discussion:The current state of IUU fisheries in East Asia from TSSS2020 on Vimeo.

◇Panel Discussion: How taking action against IUU fisheries through legislation will affect the future of Japan’s fisheries industry from TSSS2020 on Vimeo.

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